Working together to bring change

By working together, through collaboration, we can continue to build the global community to drive research, new treatments, and to advance understanding throughout our medical and public services.

We can bring a voice to people who’s lives have been affected by brain injury

With or without experience or confidence, we can all contact our local media and tell them our story. Everyone is invited to get involved. If you don’t want to chat on the radio or talk to a local news channel, you can send the GBIA news release Press Release 2022 to your local paper. And, of course, feel free to add to or change it just as long as you mention why you are supporting the Brain Injury Global Picnic. 

Another great idea is to get support from your local brain injury support group. Your family and friends may also want to get involved to show you their support or may advocate on your behalf.

However you go about it, do feature anything that helps your local community understand regional issues and share all the positive stuff too such as, facilities and the kind of support and services provided.

Everyone whose life has been affected by brain injury, those who are professionally involved in offering specialist services or are dedicated to researching any aspect of brain injury, should give a shout-out!

What to do!

We want to provide opportunities for everyone to get involved in the Brain Injury Global Picnic.

Listed below are a number of ideas you can choose from. To stay connected and so that we can keep a record of your support and contributions we are asking people to register some of these activities with us. There is an optional facility to donate to register your event. 

If you choose to support us on social media please make sure you tag us or share your activities with us by messaging us on our Facebook Community Page

Ways to get involved:

  • Speak to your local media – TV, radio, press
    • Prepare a press statement to send to your local newspapers or use our Press Release 2022
    • Share information about your local support group, and the services you offer and highlight any local issues
    • Talk about your charity or not-for-profit and key aims
    • Share information about your research with your local media (published or undertaking)
    • Talk about your business and the services you offer with your local media
  • Create a Facebook event
  • Create a Fundraiser
  • Create a webinar to talk about your local issues
  • Record a video about your story and include any unmet needs or struggles you experienced
  • Join our ‘Appreciation Wall’
  • Share our posts on Facebook by following our community page
  • Join our ‘Tweet Thread Picnic’ @Global_BIA #Globalpicnic
  • Create a write-up about the Brain Injury Global Picnic for your website or magazine – contact us if you need help with content
  • Host us on your radio show, to join a webinar or other activities – contact us

Need help or more information? Please get in touch