Will Cognitive Rehabilitation Help You?

Will Cognitive Rehabilitation Help You?

The primary focus of cognitive rehabilitation is to help you identify your strengths and challenges. 

You may have noticed some of the things you struggle with already, and want to learn more about what else is causing your cognitive challenges. 

By identifying your cognitive challenges you can begin to reduce their effect. 

Knowing what is broken is a key step to rehabilitation.

Cognitive rehabilitation will help everyone with thinking and doing challenges following a brain injury. 

An on-line ABI Programme

Coastline College (US), offers a comprehensive cognitive retraining program that addresses executive dysfunction and psychosocial issues often experienced post injury. The Acquired Brain Injury Program, established in 1978, was the first community college in the US to offer specialized classes to adults with brain injury.

It is an online educational program that meets 4 hr/day, 4 day/wk via Zoom.