Who we are

Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC  is a not-for-profit dedicated to partnering like-minded businesses and collaborating with experts and other organisations across the world with the goal of improving the experience and brain injury care path for all. 

Photo of Annie Ricketts Founder

Anne Ricketts is the founder of GBIA CIC and the Brain Injury Global Picnic. She is a TBI ‘survivor’ with a background in international sales, technology and engineering.


NOTICE – deletion of associates

All of you who know me will be aware that I have been working to support people affected by brain injury since 2010.

I started the Brain Injury Global Picnic in 2012, which was swiftly followed by the creation of the brand Global Brain Injury Awareness.

In 2018 I started Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC, which evolved to GBIA CIC last April to meet the GBIA brand as indicated in the logo I created in 2018.

You will all be familiar with my work, vision, mission, branding, and logos.

Sadly, having created GBIA INC with Lisa Hirsch, registered in the summer of 2022, everything I have worked to provide is in jeopardy.

My intellectual and creative content continues to be used by GBIA INC even though I have been removed as a director without any proper formality. This was due to my complaint about the creation of a new website https://globalbia.ngo that did not meet my branding or marketing standards, and I asked to be able to correct this and was denied.

Also, from my intellectual, creative, knowledgeable, connected and visionary ability to provide solutions to the community of people whose lives have been turned upside down by brain injury, I built https://globalbia.net, ‘providing design, technical set-up and content. My professional friends led expert-led educational webinars for me.

My brands, which include all of the above and more, continue to be used by GBIA INC. My email account anne@globalbia.org, after my website globalbia.org, which was founded in 2018, has been disabled by Lisa Hirsch, and my access to the Brain Injury Network I created has been denied. My logo and branding ‘GBIA’ and derivatives thereof are now being used without my consent or permission.

Lisa continues to use the globalbia brand for her email address(es), and the GBIA brand and logos for websites – along with copying my dreams for change and all creative works and ideas. When we met, Lisa had no idea of the unmet needs of the community of people affected by brain injury and nor did she know anything about the science behind brain injury, which she learned from my site globalbia.org. I want everyone to know that I am not associated with Lisa Hirsch or anything she does under the guise of my branding.

I have engaged an attorney in California. The logos being used by Lisa Hirsch were created by me and are being used without my permission.

The Candid profile for GBIA INC reflects my work, creativity, solutions, and dreams. Please disregard what you see there as belonging to GBIA INC in any fashion – the content was mostly written by me before I was usurped, and interventions by Lisa Hirsch are my mission and vision.

With evidence to prove fraud and disrespect of the duties of a CEO or director of a nonprofit, I have issued documents to the State Attorney for Califonia requesting that Lisa Hirsch be removed from her board position and as CEO. I have also issued a Cease and Desist notice to Lisa Hirsch in line with advice from my attorney.