Who we are

Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC  is a not-for-profit dedicated to partnering like-minded businesses and collaborating with experts and other organisations across the world with the goal of improving the experience and brain injury care path for all. 

Photo of Annie Ricketts Founder

Anne Ricketts is the founder of GBIA CIC and the Brain Injury Global Picnic. She is a TBI ‘survivor’ with a background in international sales, technology and engineering.


Photo of Lisa Hirsch M.D. Director GBIA

Medical Liaison Director
Lisa Hirsch is a physician and brain injury survivor with 25 years experience in academic and clinical medicine with a strong background in proactive patient-centred care and patient advocacy.

Picture Michele Kauffman Advocacy Director GBIA

Advocacy Director

Michele Kauffman is a community activist leading support groups for over a decade.

Recovering from two traumatic brain injuries since 2010, her life has been dedicated to advocacy.

Michele believes gathering survivors in our community to lift their voices will lead to better-lived experiences for all families who experience brain injury in our society.

A Photo of Marce Evans Director GBIA

Science and Research Advisor

Marce Evans, is an M.D. PhD focusing in neuroscience. She is a passionate patient advocate and an accomplished equestrian and environmental activist.

picture of dave lieberman IT security GBIA

Security and IT Director

Dave Lieberman the superman of IT Security and cattle hustler kindly donates his time and skills to help GBIA!