Who we are

Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC  is a not-for-profit dedicated to partnering like-minded businesses and collaborating with experts and other organisations across the world with the goal of improving the experience and brain injury care path for all. 

Hello, and welcome! I am Annie Ricketts, the founder of GBIA CIC and the Brain Injury Global Picnic. I am a TBI ‘survivor.’

While many people slip through the net and don’t get any support after a brain injury, many others also find themselves alone after being discharged from rehabilitation. 

Without the input of experts and professional services the recovery path can be fraught with pitfalls. 

If you find yourself in this position, try and talk to your doctor again and ask what options are available to you. 

We fully believe that that there is a lot we can do to help ourselves. The whole ethos of this site is based around this philosophy and rather than us ‘doing’ for you – we hold out a hand and guide – and you do all the work!

The idea is to give you tools and information so that you are empowered to educate yourself and use this to improve your post brain injury life. Please make sure you share this with your family and friends.

The content of this site is based on high quality scientific research and knowledge gained through experience.

We hope you relate to many of the valuable insights that will help you understand your experiences of brain injury in better ways.