United Voices for Change

We understand the best way to reach the public and those people who are living with brain injury but are not on social media or a member of a local support group, is through the media. 

The more we talk, the more we break down barriers and dispel myths. 

The more we share about our experiences, the challenges and successes, the more we can reach people who’s lives have been affected by brain injury. 

Local media, TV, radio, press, is the best way to let people know about support and information following brain injury.

We all want to let people know they are not alone.

Please make sure you register your event! 

Please send a press release to your local newspaper and media outlets. You are welcome to send ours, use ours as a template, or create your own – we are happy to help! 

Press Release 2022

people picnicking under a picnic shelter

It started with a dream!

At a time when our founder, Annie Ricketts, was looking for a way to re-introduce purpose and meaning to her life, she was surprised to wake suddenly from a lucid dream.

This dream had been so unusual and real that she woke instantly in a state of euphoria. Annie immediately posted her experience on her Facebook page, and it drew so much interest that within weeks a website was born, and within a few months the inaugural ‘Brain Injury Global Picnics’ were held across the world.

June 2012 was a breakthrough in helping the invisible find a collaborative voice.

The success of the event lay in the shared dream held by thousands of people. Individuals and brain Injury support organisations enthusiastically came on board and helped us reach the media from New Zealand to Vancouver Island.

Aware of how hidden and isolated we can become after brain injury strikes, aware of the heart-breaking struggles people go through because of a lack of understanding and support, people were delighted to be a part of an event that promised to bring change. 

In our inaugural year approximately 15,000 people joined the Global Picnics held across the world. The greatest lead in numbers was achieved by the TBI Network who have support groups across the western States of America. They estimated around 50,000 people attended their events.