The GBIA Study

While the medical assistance people get after sustaining a TBI will vary from country to country, we are aware that even with insurance, or here in the UK with the National Health Service, that the ‘walking, talking wounded’ often struggle to get support.

There many reasons this happens; some examples:

  • Your doctor didn’t understand brain injury
  • Your doctor was aware of the inflammatory response and waited to see how you were doing for two-years without telling you or treating you during this period
  • You went to an emergency department but didn’t receive any information or a follow-up appointment
  • You selected a TBI specialist who turned out to have no experience in TBI
  • Available services are limited

The list goes on, and while there are excellent protocols and rehabilitation programmes for those who suffer severe and physical outcomes, we need to understand more about those who do not fit this category.

With your help, we hope to determine the scope of unmet needs.

By registering with us, we will be able to collect data as you use the site. We will have background information that you choose to share with us, and this will help us draw comparisons between different groups of users and determine where there are clusters in terms of geography.

We hope the data we collect will be used:

  • by health and government policymakers
  • to enhance health planning for the future
  • to lead to the provision of more on-line rehabilitation tools
  • to improve patient outcomes and experiences at the acute and post-acute phases including how best to improve the current medical provision
  • to create an app providing information and guidance and given at the time of trauma

To be a part of this, all you need to do is register as a participant. After this, we ask you to use the site in line with your needs and interests. Please also rate the content in terms of usefulness.