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Are you living with a brain injury? We would love your help please. Our goal is to understand where there are met and unmet needs for people following a brain injury from any cause. 

By registering with us you will help us to gather valuable data from the information you provide. By signing up to our study you will be contributing to highly valuable research. We will be capturing data that will help us to better understand how different types of information help you, and what else will be useful to you.

We will anonymise and use the data to write a research paper that we hope will be used by health and government policymakers with a view to providing more on-line rehabilitation tools, to improve patient outcomes and experiences at the acute and post-acute phases including how best to improve current medical provision, and to enhance health planning for the future.  As you use the site each piece of content will have feedback boxes which we ask you to complete, but other than this, all we ask is that you use the site in your preferred way. All your data will be held on secure servers. 

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