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MILD Black Seed Oil – 100ml


Mild black seed oil is recommended for use by infants and children up to the age of 8, or anyone who happens to be a little more sensitive than usual. It’s a better taste and strength for those who need it. You can start your black seed oil life journey with our Mild Black Seed Oil that you’d probably find to be magical!



Our mild black seed oil contains 1.2% of volatile oil and is extremely tolerable for everyone, including infants and children. It’s also a great product for sensitive individuals and people who can’t handle the strength and taste of the original or the stronger black seed oil products.

What makes our mild black seed oil better than the others available in the market is that ours is 100% pure and cold pressed. Not just that, we make sure to source only the finest quality of Nigella Sativa seeds for our oils to ensure the highest quality of products.

Although mild, it contains the same amount of volatile oil as most other black seed oils on the market. And the 100ml glass bottle is the perfect amount you need to decide what works for you best.

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