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TOGETHER – we are making a difference!

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Bridging the Gaps

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Working Together

  • GBIA provide free support, guidance, and information to people following a brain injury and their families – as advocates, small groups, or organisations who would love some support
  • We love to connect and work with other non-profits or charities. We believe that collaboration is the strongest opportunity we have to create real change for people living with the outcomes and effects of brain injury. We have a lot of people to reach – we believe we can do this better together 
  • All partners appear on this page, and we will also add to our content  to let people know what you provide, are doing, your aims, and goals
  • We welcome all input – please, get in touch
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Opportunities for sponsorship and working together!

We need urgent financial help to: 

  • Offer free support, guidance, and information to people affected by brain injury and small organisations or individual advocates
  • Take this site to the level of being a global resource, we need your help, please
  • Create a multilingual Medical Device 
  • Help us with the running costs of our business and support a massive raise in our profile across the world
  • Promote and join in with our events, support our challenges, and provide prizes

Please contact us to discuss any of the above or to discuss advertising and affiliate opportunities


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Opportunities and services:

There are no set charges or fees for any of the following services we offer – instead, we invite you to assess the value of working with us, which allows you to choose how much you would like to donate to support our work. 

We invite you to:

  • Advertise with us – we will add links to your business from any of our pages
  • Send us written materials that we can then create a ‘feature article’ from. We are also happy to do a write-up for you if you prefer
  • Become our headline sponsor for a period of one month or one year with links to your own website from our front page
  • Become our secondary sponsor for a period of one month or one year with links to your website from our front page
  • Promote your products, work with you as an affiliate or sell your related products in our shop

Please, get in touch!

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GBIA Love the Science!

We are happy for you to add anything you have evidenced anywhere on our site. It must be in lay language – we are very happy for you to add links to published papers for professionals. 

GBIA are aware that a lot of really good research is overlooked or can take 20 to 30 years to get into clinical practice. Recognising the passion and dedication you have – we want to support you too!

We welcome peer-reviewed published authors and want to do what we can to work with you to promote your work and bring early change. 

Scientific studies also bring hope – people whose lives have been affected by an injury or insult to the brain, directly or indirectly, welcome the news of study results – it helps them to understand they haven’t been left behind! 

Want some ideas or input?

Need people to support your study?

Please, get in touch.

Association, Alliance or Organisation? 

Anything! Just ask!

Connecting as Partners and Sponsorship Opportunities

Coming soon –

  • A resources directory – all connected partners, sponsors, and advertisers, will automatically be added to this list – this is our way of saying thank you for your support
  • A monthly online magazine and this will feature our current sponsors, affiliates, advertisers and featured articles with links to our resources directory and your website – this is another way we can say thank you for your support

Please, Get In Touch


We know just how hard it is to stay on top of your life and keep focused on rewiring your brain after an acquired or progressive neurological condition strikes.

To help you, we have partnered with like-minded organisations to bring you, what we believe, are the very best tools available to help those of you living with brain injuries stay connected and focused on your recovery.

Each app focuses on a different stage of your journey and all facilitate communication and support for your doctors and neurological experts. 

BEST Suite App

The BEST Suite app is ready for you to use, available on the App Store, and requires comprehensive training, which is provided for free and is best used during the rehabilitation process with a professional.

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The Neumind app, called ‘Alfred,’ has been developed to help individuals live a more functional and independent life and supports all their caregivers to help them achieve this. The app is superbly placed to assist those who need a lot of support from others to manage their daily lives but want to regain their independence.

The developers are currently looking for people to trial the app before release. 

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Neuro ProActive

Neuro ProActive provide an innovative and exclusive app for patients, families and all professionals at the in-bed and rehab phases.

The focus is on keeping everyone connected to facilitate the patient care path! NeuroProActive is currently being trialled by NHS Trusts across the UK.

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