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Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC, (GBIA) a not-for-profit community interest company.

  • The company’s activities will provide benefit to people living with the symptoms and outcomes of acquired brain injury and will also provide support and information to their families.

Aims of GBIA:

To provide information and support to people living with acquired brain injury with particular focus on those individual who have fallen through the medical net and are not receiving and medical support or follow up care. In the UK there are 500,000 people living with long-term disability caused by brain injury. It is estimated that annually there are 750,000 to one million people left to struggle alone with concussions and brain injuries in the UK – people who do not have access to specialist help, support or any information. We aim to fill this gap and to provide information and support to all people living with the outcomes of brain injuries and their families.

It is important to us that the operations of Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC are open and visible, both for the benefit of our connected partners and also to all people who contribute financially to the business and website.

Funds received will be used for the business and surplus profits will be used to contribute to brain injury scientific research, instigate research programmes and support the publication of educational tools. Where we are aware of a specific need or goal which benefits the community, we will distribute funds to selected brain injury charities and organisations.*

We will upload end-of-year financial reports, the first being in 2021.  They will be viewable at Companies House and Companies House website.


  1. Excess Annual Profits will be distributed within six months of the end of financial year accounts audit.
  2. Those researchers, charities and organisations selected will undergo a selection process to ensure the manner of business being carried out meets all legal and financial requirements of such business and provides services to people living with acquired brain injury or supports the improvements of social care or research.

Please contact us for an application form for funding approval or to be added to the list of approved charities and organisations.

*Approved Organisations










Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC Financial Controls Policy

Company number 11942582

Financial Records and Accounts

1) Financial records must be kept so that:

The organisation meets its legal and other statutory obligations, such as Charity Acts, Her Majesty s Revenue & Customs and common law.

The directors and any trustees have proper financial control of the organisation.

The organisation meets the contractual obligations and requirements of funders.

2) The books of accounts must include:

A cashbook analysing all the transactions appearing on the bank accounts

A petty cash book if cash payments are being made.

Inland Revenue deduction cards P11 (if registered for PAYE)

3) Accounts must be drawn up at the end of each financial year within 3 months of the financial year end and presented to the next Annual General Meeting.

4) Prior to the start of each financial year, the directors and any trustees will approve a budgeted income and expenditure account for the following year.

5) A report comparing actual income and expenditure with the budget should be presented to the directors and any trustees every three months or whenever meetings take place.

6) The AGM will appoint an appropriately qualified auditor/ independent examiner to audit or examine the accounts before presentation to the next AGM.


1) Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC will bank with Lloyds Bank plc at its Oldham Branch and accounts will be held in the name of Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC. The following accounts will be maintained:

Treasurers Account No 1

Treasurers Investment Account

2) The bank mandate (list of people who can sign cheques on the organisations behalf) will always be approved and minuted by the directors and any trustees as will any changes to it.

3) Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC will require the bank to provide statements every month and these will be reconciled with the cash book every month, or at least every three months, by the appointed accountant Undercliff Accounting Ltd and the treasurer will spot check that this reconciliation has been done at least twice a year, signing the cash book accordingly.

4) Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC will not use any other bank or financial institution or use overdraft facilities or loan without of the agreement of the trustees.


1) All monies received will be recorded promptly in the cash analysis book and banked without delay (this includes sundry receipts such as payment for telephone calls, photocopying etc.). Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC will maintain files of documentation to back this up.

Payments (expenditure)

2) The aim is to ensure that all expenditure is on the business of Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC and is properly authorised and that this can be demonstrated. The latest approved budget provides the cheque signatories with authority to spend up to the budgeted expenditure, not beyond it.

3) The Operations Director / Treasurer will be responsible for holding the cheque books (including unused and partly used cheque books) which should be kept under lock and key.

4) Blank cheques will NEVER be signed.

5) The relevant payee’s name will always be inserted on the cheque before signature and the cheque stub will always be properly completed.

6) No cheques should be signed without original documentation (see below).

Payment documentation

1) Every payment out of the Charity’s bank accounts will be evidenced by an original invoice (never against a supplier’s statement or final demand). That original invoice will be retained by the Charity and filed. The cheque signatory should ensure that it is referenced with:

Cheque number

Date cheque drawn

Amount of cheque

2) The only exceptions to cheques not being supported by an original invoice are Items such as advanced booking fees for a future course, deposit for a venue, VAT, etc. Here a cheque requisition form will be used and a photocopy of the cheque kept.

3) Wages and Salaries. There will be a clear trail to show the authority and reason for EVERY such payment; e.g. a cheque requisition form asking for payment to an employee, HMRC etc. All employees will be paid within the PAYE and National Insurance regulations.

4) All staff appointments/departures will be authorised by the directors and any trustees, minuting the dates and salary level. Similarly, all changes in hours and variable payments such as overtime, etc, will be authorised by the directors and any trustees.

5) Petty cash will always be maintained on the imprest system whereby the Administration Worker is entrusted with a float as agreed by the directors and any trustees. When that is more or less expended, a cheque will be drawn for sufficient funds to bring up the float to the agreed sum, the cheque being supported by a complete set of expenditure vouchers, totalling the required amount, analysed as required.

6) Expenses / allowances. Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC will, if asked, reimburse expenditure paid for personally by staff, providing:

Fares are evidenced by tickets.

Other expenditure is evidenced by original receipts.

Car mileage is based on local authority scales.

No cheque signatory signs for the payment of expenses to themselves.

Cheque Signatures

1) Each cheque will be signed by at least two people. 2) A cheque must not be signed by the person to whom it is payable

Other rules 1) Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC does not accept liability for any financial commitment unless properly authorised. Any orders placed or undertakings given which are likely to cost Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC in excess of £6,000 must be authorised and minuted by the directors and any trustees.

2) In exceptional circumstances such undertakings can be made with Directors approval who will then provide full details to the next meeting of the directors and any trustees. (This covers such items as the new service contracts, office equipment, purchase and hire).

3) All fundraising and grant applications undertaken on behalf of the organisation will be done in the name of Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC with the prior approval of the directors and any trustees or in urgent situations the approval of the Directors who will provide full details to the next directors meeting.

4) Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC will adhere to good practice in relation to its finances at all times, e.g. when relevant it will set up and maintain a fixed asset register stating the date of purchase, cost, serial numbers and normal location of assets. Additionally Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC will maintain a property record of items of significant value, with an appropriate record of use.

Our business plan identifies the following as sources of revenue:-

  • Advertisers
  • Sponsors
  • Affiliates
  • Product promotions
  • Feature articles
  • Donations
  • Monthly Magazine Advertising

Please contact us for all enquiries and details of opportunities.

Partner Projects

We understand many other organisations share a similar ethos and goals and we love to support them. 

GBIA CIC do not have any financial commitments to, nor do we charge any fees or make any profit from, those companies we work with to bring you the latest tools offered by them.

Creating Business Relationships and Business Opportunities

We aim to continue to always offer free support, guidance and information to people living with the outcomes of brain injury and their families

To do this we need your help please:

  • There are no set charges or fees for any of the following services we offer – instead we invite you to assess the value of working with us, which allows you to choose how much you would like to donate to support our work

Opportunities and services:

  • We invite you to advertise with us – we will add links to your business from any of our pages
  • We invite you to send us written materials that we can then create a ‘feature article’ from. We are also happy to do a write up for you if you prefer
  • We invite you to become our headline sponsor for a period of one month or one year
  • We invite you to become our secondary sponsor for a period of one month or one year
  • We are happy to promote your products after researching them ourselves and to work with you as an affiliate

Coming soon –

  • We will be creating a resources directory – all connected partners will automatically be added to this list – this is our way of saying thank you for your support
  • We will be producing a monthly on-line magazine and this will feature our current sponsors, affiliates, advertisers and featured articles with links to our resources directory – this is another way we can say thank you for your support



  • We love our planet, our home, and enjoy working with people who are environmentally responsible
  • We have an open and transparent business structure and enjoy working with people who feel the same way. We do understand that many businesses work under necessary restrictions
  • We enjoy working with people who consider the importance of people and service above profit
  • We believe in equality and fairness and enjoy working with people who utilise and consider disability and employment, and fair pay policies to be important

Donate to Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC

Help us to:

  • improve life for people who do not have medical support
  • provide on-line evidence-based educational tools to help people improve executive functioning and gain greater independence
  • support research
  • provide information for use by medical practitioners in countries where health services are underdeveloped
  • increase public awareness and provide education to prevent brain injuries – to include health awareness and mental wellness

We focus on:

  • bringing support and information to people who do not have medical support and to people who are isolated
  • looking at the gaps in health provision and are working with experts, government and associated organisation to close these
  • working with medical insurance providers
  • education and increasing public awareness with the aim of preventing traumatic brain injuries. Public awareness and education stimulates cultural understanding and helps reduce stigma
  • supporting researchers and aim to bring collaboration in ABI specific research and promote research
  • supporting other organisations across the world and collaborate to bring real change

Please, come join us and help us to bring real change to the recognition and health management for people living with brain injuries.

We also have sponsorship and advertising opportunities for businesses

To make a donation:

  1. complete the form on this page – you can choose to make a one-off donation or set up a regular direct debit
  2. by cheque or postal order, please send donations to Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC, 3 The Square, The Shute, Newchurch, Isle of Wight, PO36 0NW
  3. use our shop to support the work of Global Brain Injury Awareness CIC

Our Shop

We promote well-researched products and receive a commission from suppliers and affiliates, which helps us to be able to cover our costs attributable to be able to offer this service or we buy items, in bulk that we think you will love and sell at the retail price and charge for shipping. We do not offer direct guarantees for third party products but will be happy to refund you, including your postage costs if something does not meet your expectation.