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Nigella Sativa – Black Seed Oil

“Due to its miraculous power of healing, N. sativa has got the place among the top-ranked evidence-based herbal medicines.” NCBI

Research shows that Nigella Sativa reduces the severity of secondary brain injury outcomes including oxidative stress, inflammation, disruptions to the blood-brain barrier, excitotoxicity and mitochondrial dysfunction.

There are over 800 published research papers on the oil

Nigella Sativa reduces brain injury symptoms including headache, fatigue and many more

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Benefits Following Brain Injury
  • Different Types and Strengths
  • Why Choose ‘Blessed Seed Oil’
  • Buying The Blessed Black Seed Oil
  • Other Benefits
  • Black Seed Oil Research
  • More About Using Black Seed Oil
  • Detox Benefits
  • Benefits Blog
  • References


There are few wonders of the plant world that match the medicinal powers of Nigella Sativa.

It is said that the potent oil derived from the seeds of this plant, “has a remedy for every disease except death.”

There are vast amounts of information about ‘black seed oil,’ and a lot of research highly supports the use of this oil for many diseases and conditions. There are currently around 800 published scientific research reports about the oil.

Even though much of the research on Nigella Sativa is directly related to brain injury outcomes and the central nervous system, there are very few non-science articles written about it.


The Black Seed, botanically known as Nigella Sativa, has been revered as an extraordinarily therapeutic and versatile medicinal herb for almost 4000 years.

In Arabic, it is ‘Habbatul barakah’ – the seed of blessing, because the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said: “Hold on to the use of the black seed oil for it has a remedy for every disease except death.”

Archaeologists discovered ancient Nigella seeds, dating from around 1650 BCE, in a Hittite flask in north-central Turkey and the ancient Egyptians thought black seed oil was important enough to include in the tomb of one of their pharaohs. It is said Cleopatra used it to enhance the beauty of her skin.

For centuries, Nigella sativa, also known as black cumin, nigella, kalojeere, and kalonji, has been well known in the Mediterranean, India, Southeast Asia, and especially in the Middle East, where it is regarded as one of the most powerful natural remedies.

Benefits following brain injury

Because of the extensive amount of research that has been carried out, Nigella Sativa is known to have many benefits for a range of illnesses and diseases. It is also known to be very safe.

Black seed oil is known to reduce the severity of the secondary outcomes of brain injury.

Because these secondary outcomes can continue unabated until addressed, the oil is also hugely beneficial to treat the prolongment of outcomes and symptoms.

Black seed oil is also a natural analgesic and benefits people with migraine and epilepsy. It also aids withdrawal from prescribed and recreational drugs and will reduce cravings for unhealthy substances and foods.

Research* show that black seed oil reduces the severity of  secondary brain injury outcomes, including:

  • oxidative stress and damage
  • inhibits the formation of free radicals
  • inflammation
  • disruptions to the blood-brain barrier
  • excitotoxicity
  • mitochondrial dysfunction
  • apoptosis (a type of cell death in which a series of molecular steps in a cell leads to its death)

Black seed oil reduces the severity of symptoms because of its’ significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic and immunomodulatory properties and improves:

  • learning
  • memory
  • mood swings
  • anxiety and depression
  • attention
  • cognition skills such as planning, problem-solving and organising
  • clarity of thinking/brain fog
  • processing speed
  • enhances executive functions improving self-monitoring and self-observation and initiation
  • PTSD
  • neural and physical fatigue
  • headaches
  • sleep problems
  • reduces the severity of epileptic seizures
  • benefits the repair of myelin sheath
  • metacognition

*See references for all research

Different types and strengths of oil

There are many reasons why we recommend the use of the ‘Blessed Seed Oil,’ and why we have affiliated with this one particular brand. 

Not all black seed oil is the same.

Most black seed oil is produced for culinary purposes and is milder and will not be as effective as oil produced specifically for medicinal use.

If you already use the oil for culinary purposes, it is advisable to keep that for your salads, and use the recommended oil for healing.

The oil we recommend is produced explicitly for its’ medicinal qualities and can be purchased in different strengths.

The properties of different brands of oil vary because of:

  • the type and quality of seed used
  • the area and height above sea level it is grown in
  • the soil it is grown in is equally important
  • the climate it is grown in

How the oil is produced also affects the quality of the oil. If you select or use a different brand, you may not notice a difference in your symptoms.

The Blessed Seed‘ is the only company who sell the oil in different strengths and analyse all their oils immediately after pressing.

Why choose ‘The Blessed Seed?’

The oil from ‘The Blessed Seed’ company, is the only one that goes under such stringent testing that they say if you use it for a year and are not completely satisfied, all you have to do is return your bottles, even if they are empty, and they guarantee to give you a full refund. 
We couldn’t find another company that focuses on medicinal quality oil or anyone else who offers this guarantee.

Another great thing is that they also offer free worldwide shipping so, wherever you are, you can benefit from what is, in our opinion, the best black seed oil in the world.


The affiliate commission is used to directly support the upkeep of this site.

Be aware that many, if not most, of the black seed oil products on the market are sold for culinary, rather than medicinal, uses. All ‘black seed oils’ are not the same.

Buying The Blessed Black Seed Oil

We highly recommend that you purchase a bottle of black seed oil before working on fixing your brain. 
The oil is as natural as olive or flaxseed oil, for example, but this particular oil contains volatile medicinal ingredients that will help with many of the symptoms that make helping ourselves so difficult.

There are over 800 published research papers on the oil. Other than many of the other things it helps with, and we will cover, it will help you quickly with many symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression and headaches. The science is the uppermost reason we recommend using this oil at any time following a brain injury.

The oil is volatile, and as well as having many other benefits, it is a natural remedy for detoxification. Because of this, you must start with small doses of either the mild oil if you are sensitive and build the usage up gradually.

The mild oil is good to start with if you know that you are particularly sensitive or are on many different prescribed medications; otherwise, most of you will be able to start with the ‘original’ oil. A small bottle should last you around three or four weeks, depending entirely on how you use it and build it up. You should find that your own body will tell you when to increase the dosage and strength of the oil.

Everyone should start with no more than one half of a teaspoon of oil per day. If you take too much, the oil might make you feel a bit poorly because you will be stimulating your detox processes too fast. If you don’t notice a difference after two days, increase your dose to one teaspoon. After a few more days, build the dose again and continue to increase the dosage until you get to three teaspoons per day. Move from the mild to the original, to the strong oil. Listen to your body – it will tell you what you need.

If you like the peppery taste of rocket salad leaves you will also like the taste of the oil. However, some people find it quite strong and take the dose in a small amount of milk on an empty tummy first thing in the morning or add it to fresh, natural fruit juice. The taste quickly goes if you take a mouthful of water or milk immediately after swallowing the oil.

There are discounts if you buy more bottles and it is worth taking this into account because you will notice the differences it makes and will want to continue. Once you are up and running we recommend purchasing the 1-litre bottles. Worldwide shipping is free, so you don’t need to worry about that.

If you feel unsure about anything there is more information about the ‘Blessed Seed oil‘ that is really interesting to read about, and don’t forget, let us help you if you have any other questions. If you aren’t worried about getting the discounts for multi-purchases, then start by buying-as-you-go. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t run out and order a new bottle at least two weeks before you need it.


Other benefits

You may also quickly notice that your choices about other things you put into your body will change.

You may feel ‘put off’ by smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, overly-processed and ‘fast’ foods and so on – you may naturally find that you just don’t want or ‘need’ these things anymore.

The great thing is that you will start to see the difference the oil is making to you quickly. Most people notice that they feel different and usually have more energy and clarity after only two days. Where other foods and supplements don’t necessarily produce a noticeable benefit for some time, this one will. Researchers recommend usage for a minimum of 4 to 9 weeks and to continue daily, particularly for memory problems.

If you are sensitive and are starting with the mild oil the time it takes you to notice the difference may vary. Don’t worry – you don’t need to rush anything and by using the oil, whatever strength, will be making profound changes in your body and brain.

Other than feeling as though you have more energy and clarity the oil will also help with symptoms such as headaches, and depending on how severe your injury was, and how far into your recovery you are, you may even notice that the oil will help you to read and focus better. By clearing the brain fog, you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Black Seed Oil Research

There have been over 800 scientific studies into the oil; not all of them are connected to neurological issues, but there is enough evidence to support the usefulness of this oil post brain injury.

Brain injury causes a negative biochemical cascade effect that can go on literally for years which may be one of the reasons why many doctors are baffled when someone diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury, for example, can keep turning up at their door with the same symptoms even a decade later.

Nigella Stavia is known to reduce inflammatory markers in the brain post-injury and has neuroprotective qualities. In laboratory studies, the thymoquinone in the oil was shown to help alleviate the secondary outcomes of brain injury, such as inflammation and oxidative stress, and also to reduce the severity of epileptic seizures.

It is also known to help with symptoms such as headache/migraine, depression, fatigue, mood swings and anxiety, and many more outcomes following brain injury.

The great thing is that the oil can help to alleviate brain injury symptoms at any time post-injury, including, very importantly, for many people even years or decade(s) later.

More About Using Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is known for its detoxifying powers and as such it should be introduced slowly.

Please note that black seed oil is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

There are different strengths of the oil – the stronger the oil, the stronger the taste and effects. If you like peppery things such as rocket salad leaves then the taste won’t bother you. Traditionally the oil is taken with a little milk on an empty tummy. You can also use a little fruit juice. The flowing oil is more effective than the capsules.

For those who are sensitive, seniors and children the ‘mild’ version of the oil is recommended. If you are using strong prescription medications this may also be the best strength of oil to start with; you may find that the oil reduces your symptoms and you may wish to speak to your doctor about reducing meds. Capsules can be very useful for people in these groups because it is easier to manage any dosage. The effects will not be as apparent in the early stages of taking the oil – but it will definitely be doing its work. For everyone else choose either the ‘original’ or strong oil.

Always start slowly!

Whichever strength of oil you have chosen always start with a half teaspoon per day for the first three days. If you are not noticing any typical symptoms associated with detoxification then you can increase the dose to one teaspoon per day. Keep building the dose in this way until you reach the recommended three teaspoons per day.

Symptoms associated with detoxing too fast include headaches, nausea, body aches and other typical symptoms of a cold or flu such as a blocked nose or sore throat, and possible changes in bowel movement. If you notice any of these simply reduce your intake of black seed oil and slow down with the build-up. The benefits will be very noticeable and it is usually only those who are very sensitive who notice any of these symptoms.

Detox Benefits of The Blessed Seed Oil

An Aid to Detoxification

Black seed oil, also known as black cumin oil, is a natural supplement that supports the detoxification of the body and brain.

The secondary outcomes of brain injury bring an onslaught of bio-chemical reactions that continue to cascade until they are addressed. These outcomes include inflammation, which, over time,  can affect all organs and the health of the body and can eventually manifest as other illnesses such as fibromyalgia, dementia or even Parkinson’s disease.

Until we address these processes they continue to prolong the duration of brain injury symptoms such as brain fog, neural and physical fatigue and so on.

Black seed oil offers a whole host of benefits that support the injured brain and has the added advantage of also strengthening other bodily functions too.

By using black seed oil as a primary detoxification supplement we reap many additional benefits. Not only are we eliminating harmful toxins, but at the same time we are supporting the immune and gut systems bringing noticeable affects. 

Supporting addiction withdrawal

Making the choice to overcome addiction and to return to a full and energetic life is the first step towards health.

Black seed oil can support the withdrawal from addictive substances and may help people manage the process much more effectively.

Initial studies have shown the potential benefits in terms of achieving a more successful and sustainable long-term recovery from addiction.

The withdrawal process from alcohol or drug addiction can put considerable stress on the human body, stresses which black seed oil can help with. The pain, discomfort, and difficulty of this stage of the recovery process can be a considerable obstacle and should be managed with professional medical assistance.

Once the withdrawal process has been completed, issues related to long-term recovery will need to be addressed. Black seed has been shown to be effective in any effort to create a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, and may offer a number of significant advantages for those who are attempting to stay clean long after the pain and discomfort of the withdrawal process has been surmounted.

Black seed could play an important role in managing your recovery and ensuring that you do not suffer a relapse and many people report that once they start using the oil they no longer have the same responses to triggers and notice an increasing dislike for addictive substances.

Black seed is a good source of calcium, potassium, iron, and sodium, as well as other essential minerals and amino acids. Creating and maintaining a highly nutritional and balanced diet is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Making black seed oil part of your diet can ensure that your body is not being deprived of key nutrients, and will have the raw materials and building blocks needed to achieve a greater level of health and wellbeing.

Long-term addiction treatment efforts that discount the value of a healthy diet and lifestyle may fail to provide people with critical resources and benefits.

If you, or a family member or loved one, is suffering from an addition, it is important to know that help is available. Herbal supplements, professional medical care and long-term support and services can all play a role in achieving greater success in your efforts to conquer a drug addiction.

With the right resources and assistance, it will be possible to enjoy a speedier and more effective recovery as well as the long-term health, fitness and happiness that sobriety can bring. Learning more about professional resources near you may be an essential step in the recovery process.

The Blessed Seed oil

It is really important to note that not all black seed oil is the same. Most are produced for culinary purposes and will not be as effective. If you already use the oil for culinary purposes it is advisable to keep that for your salads, and use the recommended oil for healing. The oil we recommend is specifically produced for its’ medicinal qualities and can be purchased in different strengths.

It is best to start with the original oil and to gradually increase your dose. The company we recommend offer a full money-back guarantee and free world-wide shipping. Read more about ‘The Blessed Seed.’


“Due to its miraculous power of healing, N. sativa has got the place among the top-ranked evidence-based herbal medicines.” NCBI

Blog article 23 Nov 2018

Author: Annie Ricketts

Benefits to me

For my brain injury

In July 2000 I came off a huge horse and apparently came down ‘straight as an arrow’ landing directly on the top of my head. Despite being diagnosed with a severe brain injury I didn’t get medical help until 2005. The extent and intensity of the outcomes that I originally suffered all improved over the years, but I was still struggling with ‘brain fog,’ together with severe executive, cognitive and memory issues that affected all aspects of my everyday life.

Earlier this year (2018) I gave my occupational therapist a list of my continuing struggles – that list wouldn’t be the same now!

I also had a lot of trouble sleeping. It seemed as though the minute I got into bed my brain came awake! It would start buzzing with white noise and make me feel dizzy. Very often I would turn the light back on and try writing down all the things that were blazing around in my head – only to find what utter nonsense I had written come the morning!

Everything was always a struggle for me, even writing articles about brain injury and giving support to others. I always felt as though I was ‘forcing’ the cogs – nothing ever came easily. Every time I ventured out of my own little ‘home bubble,’ I would be in trouble of one sort or another. This does still happen because not all of my brain has rewired, but it is to a much lesser extent than before. I am able to understand and communicate better than I could before taking the oil…

Since I started with the oil the changes have been amazing. After two days I was telling people that this stuff was like a miracle. It didn’t occur to me at that time that the oil could also help others like me – that took another day or two. I am still useless with subjects outside of brain injury, and with understanding communication, but these are about ‘new’ learning rather than my brain health.

The things I have noticed very strongly are:-

  • Much clearer thinking
  • Better organised
  • Better at planning and managing time
  • I sleep!
  • Better at initiating tasks
  • Improved memory
  • Improved learning
  • Zero daily anxiety
  • Reduced fatigue

I feel much sharper and more focused and it is like a dream to have finally been able to bring all my abstract thoughts together to finally build this site. I can’t say that my brain is entirely ‘healed,’ of course it isn’t. Those areas of the brain that were damaged underwent massive necrosis and have had to be rewired – a dead brain cell is a dead brain cell. I am always re-wiring!

The other thing that I noticed was that my fear of falling and horses cleared up entirely in a really short time. I only noticed it when a trigger event happened. I carried on exactly as I would have done pre-injury and it was actually only later that I realised that there had been no feelings of fear, worry or panic.

It is totally refreshing not to be able to ‘feel’ anxiety in my head anymore. I also always used to get tummy butterflies and a fluttering in my chest at the simplest of things, and all of this is gone too. In fact, just a week ago I should have been in panic mode but I wasn’t. I simply managed the chaos I was inadvertently causing and calmly worked out solutions.

For my Fibromyalgia

My personal list of symptoms is three pages long, so I have tried to just focus on the main symptoms. I have seen benefits and improvements in all areas. I haven’t included the ‘brain fog’ as this is covered above.

Reduced: –

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Stomach and gut issues
  • Fatigue

Other things I have used the oil for:

  • Burns – literally zero pain the second the oil was applied and barely a mark on my hand – but there should have been! Completely healed 24 hours later (I grabbed a red hot skewer – it was actually stuck to my burned skin!)
  • Plant sting – this was from grabbing a plant I hadn’t seen before. I ran up to the house and applied the oil and the pain, which had shot right up my arm, was gone immediately
  • Insect bites – again, takes the itching away immediately and there is no sign of the bite within hours
  • Tick – with the big red ring around it. Pulled off my shoulder and applied the oil. By the morning the red ring had completely disappeared. Continued with the oil on the tiny mark where the tick had been for a few days – just to make sure!
  • Cuts – stops bleeding really quickly and healing is amazing with no itching – the scabbing was totally unnoticed

The Blessed Seed Oil is not only recommended for helping with brain injury outcomes but is also a fabulous home remedy for all kinds of things!

Other things I have noticed

Pre-injury background

A couple of years before I fell on my head I was already struggling with some food intolerances. Notably, these were chemical additives to foods, otherwise generally known as ‘E’ numbers at the time, and also certain foods – including everything coming from a cow and cocoa. I was also obviously intolerant to caffeine. Caffeine could make my blood pressure drop like a cable being cut on a heavy-duty lifting crane!

I didn’t realise the ‘math’ behind this at the time but had a general idea that it was due to stress. My husband at the time was narcissistic and always subjecting me to one emotional or psychological trauma or another.

I did a lot of work to detox and clear my system. Then I fell on my head!


Strangely, I continued with my ‘diet’ regime, but after about six months or so I was so distracted by other things that I couldn’t retain my focus or routine.  I kind of hung-on-in-there by way of habit, but wasn’t as diligent as I had been before.

Eighteen years later I still have mostly the same intolerances – but due to the bio-chemical overloads caused by my brain injury, I have more.

The interesting thing for me was that I had taken ‘Etster C‘ for many years to support my immune system and deal with hay-fever, cough, cold and flu symptoms. I don’t have any idea how with a severe brain injury I worked out that this supplement would help me – but it did.

What is intriguing, now that I am able to understand so much more, is that somewhere, on an intuitive level, I was counteracting what I didn’t fully understand or had forgotten. I wholly advocate that you do the same. There is a lot to be said for, ‘gut instinct.’

It takes a lot of ‘watching’ after a brain injury to be able to observe the contra-indications of the body and understand them. Most often we are so distracted by the lack of hope, confusion and pain that ensues following trauma and brain injury that often, the last thing we think about, is how to help ourselves.

I know a lot of people retain their ‘good sense’ following brain injury – but many of us don’t.

The point in sharing all of this is that I know it will ring alarm bells for others. While your situation may not be ‘exactly’ the same as mine, there are likely to be parallels and similarities that will remind you of similar situations in your own experiences post-injury.

Since taking the oil I have been extremely aware of other intolerances that I have developed, such as a strong reaction to gluten, and a need to avoid all foods containing sugar – the refined stuff.

The oil doesn’t ‘allow’ me to ‘get-away-with’ the ‘naughties’ – it tells me very clearly when I have had them!

The oil isn’t a ‘get-out-of-jail-free-card’ – it is a ‘don’t-do-that-again’ indicator. There is no point in working to reduce inflammation and then continuing to burden the body.

Thinking about it logically, and based on a lot of the research I have read, the oil doesn’t ‘allow’ for intolerances – it indicates them! Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by many things you may read.

I have come across many sites that advocate the oil to ‘overcome’ intolerances. One example is the food giant, Nestlé. As it turns out their application was turned down, and that is a good ending to a bad story. I am sure Nestlé want to live this one down, but this is a good example of how scientific theories can be so ‘wrong.’

I guess it depends where you are on the biological ‘over-burdened’ scale as to whether or not you can successfully use the oil to eat things you shouldn’t. To me, it is like having the attitude that it is okay to rob Peter to pay Paul. We can ‘justify’ a lot of things; what ‘upsets’ our bodies and brains, should never be one of them.

I noticed many differences after two days of using the ‘mild’ oil, and if I am rushed and don’t get time to take it, I notice the difference. In fact, I was so astounded by this that I intentionally went without it for a week, and during this time all my symptoms crept back. I wanted to be sure that it was the oil and so kept everything else exactly the same, making sure this was the only change I made to my nutritional intake and lifestyle.

I now use the ‘strong’ oil, which has the highest thymoquinone content, twice a day.

Things my friends and family use the oil for

I have enlisted quite a number of people as guinea pigs, well not seriously… What I have done is give bottles of the oil to a lot of people who have all offered me positive feedback, and all of whom are using it regularly. To me, this says it all! The reasons for giving them a bottle of Blessed Oil have been varied and include:

  • Postnatal depression
  • Alcoholism
  • Liver cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Sinusitis
  • Swollen arthritic knee
  • Anxiety (existent from trauma in childhood)
  • Polymyalgia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Brain injury
  • Depression
  • Shingles
  • Sore throat
  • Allergies / intolerances

Everyone has seen results. My friend with the arthritic knee can get her jeans back on as the swelling has reduced so much! I don’t think I have seen her in jeans for about fourteen years.

The lady with the polymyalgia told me it was like a miracle and she spoke to her doctor about reducing and coming off her steroids on day three.

I had also suggested using lemon balm salve to the person with the shingles, so neither of us can be sure of the source of improvement. Outbreaks have reduced significantly.

Please note, these are only a very few of the conditions that are helped by taking black seed oil. I have never used any supplement that has brought me such immediate and noticeable effects.

Also important to note

The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of the Blessed Black Seed Oil support the lymphatic system, and in turn the immune system. The lymphatic system helps to clear damaged cells, toxins, bacteria, viruses, and metabolic waste. It is a great aid to the detoxification process, which is one of the reasons why you should start with a lower dose and build it up so that you don’t suffer from detox side-effects.

Brain injury can actually clog the lymphatic system and it becomes more backed-up the longer this issue is unaddressed. This is one of the reasons why people who have suffered a brain injury are more susceptible to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – or indeed Fibromyalgia, as happened to me and many other people living with the outcomes of brain injury that I know.

A lymphatic system that is clogged will also compromise the immune system.

Another reason why people are more susceptible to disease following brain injury is adrenal fatigue, or burn out, caused by persistent inflammation and cortisol overload. This can lead to ‘persistent’ non-conscious anxiety. It is as though at the moment of injury the fight/flight ‘on’ switch is flicked and it stays on until we learn what is happening, address it and take steps to stop it happening and repair all the damage.

Having experienced such rapid ‘healing’ of my anxiety, at least for the triggers that I am now aware of, I can only theorise that somehow the oil has switched the ‘on’ switch back off.

If you consider the amount of damage that was done and can continue to happen after a brain injury and then add in the toxins coming in from our external environment and food, it is easier to understand why it is important to manage your health from as many angles as you can. Hopefully, coupled with the many other strategies outlined on this site you will start to, and continue to, to feel ‘wholly’ better than you would just by taking the oil on its own.

This is why it is so important to follow the information given on this site in order. There are also a lot of ‘hidden gems’ that you may otherwise miss.

Healing is a process and using the oil can catapult you forwards and bring early noticeable, and even significant, changes, but using other ‘tools’ alongside this you will reap even more benefits, and feel better faster.

Please feel free to pass the link to this page to anyone, including any support groups you may belong to. This is the only site that is specific about the uses of the oil post brain injury.

Using the oil will help you to navigate all the ‘incoming’ on this site. A few months before taking the oil I gave my occupational therapist a long-list of things I still needed to work on. I can’t even remember what was on the list now – but not because of my memory – but because it is no longer relevant. I still have work to do – but this is all much more manageable now. Now I can finally figure many things out for myself! I don’t feel anywhere as near confused!

Over 800 research studies have been carried out on the oil!

Always speak to your doctor before using supplements.

Black seed oil is not suitable for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding.


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“Due to its miraculous power of healing, N. sativa has got the place among the top-ranked evidence-based herbal medicines.” NCBI

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