How Does Your Story Inspire Others?

We can’t make ourselves inspirational; it is more something that others see in us.

For example, you may know that you have memory problems, that you quickly become muddled up, but you still speak out for others and what you believe anyway.

Others, who understand what you are struggling with may see this as courageous and might see this as a goal they would like to achieve for themselves. Without intention, you have inspired someone to be more diligent in building their self-confidence or shifting their self-perspectives about their priorities.

Only the listener or observer will know why something you did or said was inspirational to them.

Thinking about how writing our story could help someone else is the only intention we need to have; from there, everything else happens.

Example of things you might want to include in your story:

  • What goals did you set yourself, and how did you achieve them? Remember to embrace the good and the bad – your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid, to be honest
  • Did other people believe you could achieve your goal(s)? Try thinking about how you felt about other people’s opinions and how much their support/lack of support affected your motivation
  • Do you like to beat your challenges? Consider if you have always been competitive or whether something else drove you towards your goal.
  • Are you an advocate? Do you stand up for what is right? Maybe you have turned a tragedy around by using your experience to educate others and have found purpose
  • Do you consider things deeply? Share moments of gratitude and those of relief
  • Have you been consistent? Do you pursue your dreams regardless of what else is showing up?
  • Why do you want to share your story? Talk about your empathy for others and those things you know affect them as well

Don’t forget your details. It is within your details that others come to know you and the journey you have travelled.

If you are unsure about anything, please, .