Hormonal symptoms are caused by changes in pituitary function following a brain injury. Diagnosis can be difficult in the early stages however some rehabilitation units test for changes as part of their assessment.


Recent studies have found that there could be links between the role that cortisol plays in passing messages from the gut-brain and brain health. Overproduction of cortisol in the early stages of brain injury could affect this system, as could depletions commonly found in people who live with the effects long-term.

Further studies are needed to identify the role cortisol plays in the production of serotonin and other important hormones and neurotransmitters. These may play a role in the exacerbation and prolongment of fatigue and affect gut bacteria health creating the vicious circle which people find hard to break.

Hormones and Health

The production of hormones is often disrupted after a brain injury. 

We have linked to a great article from Red Pepper Nutrition which explains how food and lifestyle can impact hormone balance and production. 

Dietitians and nutrition experts, such as Red Pepper Nutrition, can work with you, your family and a range of other health service providers to help you understand the crucial role your food can play in your rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury. 

This can be especially important for people leaving hospitals and entering rehabilitation facilities. Patients often make the transition to an undernourished state.¹

¹ Red Pepper Nutrition Nutritional Needs After Brain Injury

Female Hormone Changes

Specialist Nutrition Rehab logoSheri Taylor is a specialist dietician and the director of Specialist Nutrition Rehab. 

This article, Female Hormone Changes after a Brain Injury, is superbly researched and packed with helpful information and suggestions about what you can do. 

It is definitely worth reading, even if you don’t suspect hormone changes may be at the root of your symptoms right now. 

This is also vital information for spouses and families to be aware of – knowledge can make a crucial difference in getting the right medical support at the right time. 

Hormones out of whack since your traumatic brain injury?

This is a really great article – please follow the link to read it! The Functional Neurology Centre