Helping Other Researchers

Other than running our own study, GBIA is very keen to support other brain injury-specific projects.

It makes complete sense for us to use every opportunity we have to help those who have the resources to create change.

We won’t all be eligible for every study that comes up, but if you like to be involved and are keen to be a part of bringing more understanding about the world we live in, please tick the box on the registration form

If you don’t fit the requirements of a particular study, we would be grateful if you would share the link and encourage others to get involved.

There are two main barriers to research:

  • Gaining the funding
  • Recruiting enough participants

We would love it if you can do what you can to support us in trying to alleviate the second challenge.

By building a database of people who are willing to give their time, usually around 20 minutes, we can help to speed up the research process.

The faster the research process happens, the quicker changes come in clinical practice.

Time invested gives us a direct opportunity to pay-it-forward and give to others. If we can do something, so the people following in our footprints don’t have to go through all the things we have, then, as we must all agree this is an opportunity to create a better world. 

You can also add your name to the following databases:

Cambridge University – UK 

NIDILRR and the TBI National Database – USA

NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Cooperative – UK