Global Picnic

GBIA Events and Challenges

Raising Awareness about Brain Injury is crucial. The aims:

  • Educating the public to bring cultural and social change, acceptance and understanding, and to,
  • increase awareness through education to prevent brain injury
  • Reaching people living with brain injury, their families and friends – particularly those who don’t use social media. Everyone needs to know they are not alone
  • Bringing a voice to people who’s lives have been affected by brain injury
  • By working together, through collaboration, we can continue to build the global community to drive research, new treatments, and to advance understanding throughout our medical and public services
  • Beginnings and History – The Global Picnic
  • GBIA Events
  • Challenges
  • Categories – who can get involved?
  • Come Join Us!

At a time when our founder, Annie Ricketts, was looking for a way to re-introduce purpose and meaning to her life, she was surprised to wake suddenly from a lucid dream.

This dream had been so unusual and real that she woke instantly in a state of euphoria. Annie immediately posted her experience on her Facebook page, and it drew so much interest that within weeks a website was born, and within a few months the inaugural ‘Brain Injury Global Picnics’ were held across the world.

June 2012 was a breakthrough in helping the invisible find a collaborative voice.

The success of the event lay in the shared dream held by thousands of people. Individuals and brain Injury support organisations enthusiastically came on board and helped us reach the media from New Zealand to Vancouver Island.

Aware of how hidden and isolated we can become after brain injury strikes, aware of the heart-breaking struggles people go through because of a lack of understanding and support, people were delighted to be a part of an event that promised to bring change. 


We understand the best way to reach the public and those people who are living with brain injury but are not on social media or a member of a local support group, is through the media. 

Event planning will include:

  • holding events and running social media campaigns throughout the year and to support organisations who coordinate awareness day/week/month events – a one community together approach
  • hold news media campaigns where we will coordinate speakers to come together on one day across the world
  • hold a virtual or outside ‘Global Picnic’ to be held within a 24-hour period across the world
  • and more!

We are looking for sponsors! You can find out how to get involved by completing our registration form.

GBIA Challenges are designed to bring people together, either virtually or outside.

Challenges might be about:

  • achieving a goal
  • testing your mettle
  • ‘treasure’ hunts
  • encouraging supportive relationships
  • bringing purpose through meeting a personal challenge
  • And more!

We are looking for sponsors who are happy to donate prizes, so, the more sponsors we attract, the more challenges we can set. You can find out how to get involved by completing our registration form.

GBIA are looking for people who can help with this:

  • Individuals living with brain injury
  • Families and friends whose lives have been affected by brain injury and perhaps are a carer for a loved one
  • Brain injury support organisations
  • Brain injury forums and organisations who campaign for change
  • Neuro-professionals from all fields
  • Experts such as case managers and lawyers
  • Rehabilitation providers
  • Universities and Medical Schools 
  • Sponsors and advertisers

Please see ‘Come Join Us!

The original ‘Brain Injury Global Picnics’ were a success because people came together to make it happen. 

“By sharing each little thing in some way that is beyond the thought in our minds, we add an energy -we add ripples that go out into the pond.

We gain a greater voice. Not a ‘louder’ one, but a ‘greater’ one.”


“When we focus on purpose, upon serving, our challenges are met by the sheer momentum following our purpose creates.”

We need to know how you would like to support us and be involved. Our registration form allows you to select:

  • which category you are in
  • if you would like us to keep you informed of upcoming events – you will be invited to register to be involved
  • if you are happy to speak to the media about local needs, your organisation, your research and so on
  • if you would like to share our pre-prepared information with your local media
  • if you would like to be informed of upcoming challenges
  • if you would like to sponsor or advertise at an event or challenge