Brain Injury Global Picnic Helping the world to understand cognitive disability

The 9th Annual Brain Injury Global Picnic is here! 

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Virtual Activities

Friday July 23rd 2021


Spreading the Word

The Global Picnic is for everyone. By sharing your story or information about local issues with your regional media you will help raise awareness of brain injury in your community. By joining together on one day across the world we bring a united and stronger voice.

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Connecting Ideas



Why we do it

Raising Awareness about Brain Injury is crucial.

The aims of the Brain Injury Global Picnic:

• Educating the public to bring cultural and social change, acceptance and understanding

• Increase awareness through education to prevent brain injury

• Reach more people living with brain injury and their families and friends – particularly those who don’t use social media. Everyone needs to know they are not alone

• Bringing a voice to people whose lives have been affected by brain injury

• By working together, through collaboration, we can continue to build the global community to drive research, new treatments, and to advance understanding throughout our medical and public services

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Working together to bring change

• Share your story and challenges

• Talk about your support group and local issues

• Talk about your Brain Injury Organisation to increase awareness and understanding of your services and goals 

• Talk about your brain injury related business and the services you offer

• Tell people about your research and what you aim to improve

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2021 Virtual Brain Injury Global Picnic

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