Giving Us Feedback

By bringing you as many content, feature and article writers as we can we know that we are getting you as many perspectives as possible.

No one of us can have knowledge or experience about everything, but by collaborating, we can bring you more detail and possibilities for you to relate.

From the very beginning, GBIA has seen the organisation as a community tool made up of pooled resources and information.  The dreams we hold are shared by many, and as such, we want everyone to have a voice so that we express this unique unity in everything we do.

Your feedback reinforces our ethos – we know that we can’t achieve our shared goals without you.

If we can say something better – we will. If we can add more details we haven’t thought of – we will.

Securing Your Ideas

If you have experienced something that we haven’t touched on we will work with you, if you want, or will undertake research to produce something you are happy with and we will add it to the site.

We don’t want to leave any stone unturned and want to gather together every idea you have to raise awareness and bring change.

We are happy to add your blogs, your dreams, your voice – we need to know what you think so that we can keep improving what we do.

Whatever is on your mind is valuable. We are here because of the tens of thousands of individuals and organisation who have supported us.

We will always credit you unless you wish to remain anonymous.

What else can your feedback help us with?

By registering to take part in our research we can make your voice even greater. 

It will become part of a study that aims to bring change where it matters and where it can make a difference. 

If you want to stop what happened to you happening to someone else this is the way to do it. By collating evidence about unmet needs and medical gaps we can bring your voice to government and health institutions. Feedback matters and people are listening. They need you to get behind them to make real difference.

With your voices behind us, we aren’t throwing a pebble in a pond making some ripples – we are throwing boulders and making waves.

You are the reason we do what we do, and you are the success behind it!

Talk to us – we are listening!