Fresh is Best

Fresh is Best!

In our hearts, we all know that fresh food is better than processed food for us. 

Given this, why are our supermarkets filled with processed foods? The food giants tell us they are fulfilling our needs, after all, it makes it much easier for us to buy into someone else’s ideas if we think they are ours.

They tell us we don’t have enough time to stand in our kitchen to prepare and cook our meals. However, if you think about it, if supermarkets hadn’t brainwashed us all into thinking we need to rely on them for our dinner, we would still have a butcher, baker, grocer, fishmonger and so on in our high street.

Another thing we would get great pleasure from if we did it, would be knowing that we had considered, planned, sourced and prepared food with love for our families.

We all know why nutrition and a balanced diet are better for us, so why do so many of us justify our lazy thoughts above what is important to us?

Lets start with where the lazy thought becomes a trap. First of all we have food giants telling us the modern lifestyle doesn’t allow time for sit-at-a-table home-prepared meals. Then, because we eat processed foods and our bodies are drained and tired – we believe them!

The more your body craves nutrition, the more it will feel like you need more trans-fats, sugar, mined salt (great for using on the roads in winter), and so on because the added chemicals and sugars give a quick burst of energy making us believe they are what we need – or even that we like these foods the best!

The bottom line is, the more you mess around with food the more you decrease the nutritional qualities. To get over this food manufacturers ‘fortify’ their products with chemically derived vitamins and minerals.

The body processes natural food more efficiently – it is part of the design – and can extract more nutrient and trace elements, essential enzymes, and so on, from fresh ingredients. 

Digestive issues, acid reflux, heartburn, and so on, are due to an imbalance in the stomach acids, which are usually kept healthy by the enzymes found in natural foods. 

Fresh is best!