Encouraging a Loved One to use Strategies

Encouraging a Loved One to use Strategies

When families are educated and supported with information, they are able to be proactive in the care of their loved one.

Other than taking in the key material about what happens after a brain injury and understanding it there are two main areas you can give support on.

The first is utilising the suggestions about positive health to help clear the inflammation in the brain environment, improve general health, and support the natural healing process.

The second is to utilise the strategies which help the brain to rewire. If you understand the strategies, and why they are useful, you can support a loved one while they try to learn and use the tools which will help them.

Keep expectations balanced and in accord with ability, and if needed, rope in other family members and friends to help. If you all understand the goals and strategies being used, together you will be able to provide much needed consistency.

Having positive tools you can focus on, gives you the guidance you need so that you know what to do.

If everyone is aware of the joint goals you have and understands the commitment you are making to support your loved one, then they, in turn will find consolidated encouragement wherever they go.

We can’t underestimate the difference you as the family and friends can make to the amount of progress someone can generate in an accepting, supportive and positive atmosphere. 


  • Communicate adult to adult
  • Keep communication brief, practical and deliver one idea at a time
  • Direct people to information where they can try to learn and work things out on their own – only step in if they ask for help or if you can see they are struggling
  • Be aware of picking a good time but don’t delay things too long as your points will lose relevance if the situation has been forgotten about
  • Remain calm so that you create a harmonious working atmosphere – you still have control, a sense of responsibility and the functionality to do the things they can’t
  • Encourage your loved one to use the BEST Suite