Do You Already Write a Brain Injury Blog?

Do You Already Write a Brain Injury Blog?

We know there are some really excellent brain injury bloggers out there who are successfully reaching people and improving their understanding of brain injury. The vast majority of you give from the heart, and we love that about you.

GBIA understand the value in bringing together many different experiences along with the knowledge built during the recovery journey.

No one has a full perspective, and for this reason, we would love to invite as many established or new bloggers to add to the experiential and peer-led content we have on this site. 

We believe that the first-hand view helps people to relate to the information and to realise they are not alone. Many perspectives and experiences are shared, and when you read insights discovered by others, it can help the penny drop for them too. 

If you would love to help by contributing your experiences, we will be happy to add links straight to your blog page, hopefully drawing you more traffic and engagement.

What we really love is to help others who have the same mindset, and for us, this is all about doing everything we can to help each other. We want to bring bloggers into a collaborative community and to share what has helped you.

We are also happy to invite all ‘would-be’ bloggers who don’t have a blog page of their own. We are delighted to support you with creation and editing. As the author, you will always have the final say on the content to be published.

GBIA want to support and encourage people who share our ethos – to pay it forward and to share freely to help those following behind.

In the longer-term, as GBIA starts to bring in more income, we are planning to set up a rewards scheme to say ‘thank you.’ We will be talking to prospective sponsors about how we do this. In the meantime are relying on your advocacy and goodwill – get involved and be a part of bringing real change! 

Your views, opinions and thoughts matter because we can’t possibly see all perspectives, live the same experiences, or gain the same insights. We know that you can add greater value to our content.

Because ethics are so important to us, we are unable to accept enquiries from people who run commercial support businesses which charge consultancy fees to vulnerable people whose lives have been affected by brain injury. We believe there is plenty of free support and information available and therefore feel this practice is unethical.  

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