Contacting a Lawyer

Using Legal Services

  • No one should sign any legal documents following a brain injury without the advice of a lawyer – this includes insurance waivers
  • Many specialist law firms across the world provide services for people following brain injury and trauma. These firms have an in-depth understanding of the neurological and life impact of brain injury.
  • Always make sure you use an experienced lawyer and ask to see testimonials
  • A lawyer can help to safeguard your assets
  • A lawyer can help you claim compensation


The Brain Injury Group exists to support individuals and families affected by brain injury, and the health and social care professionals working in this specialist field.

Our mission is to provide anyone affected by brain injury with access to legal, financial and welfare services delivered by proven experts in the field who have been chosen not only for their skills and knowledge, but also for their passion and dedication to helping people.

Making healthcare decisions in a person’s best interests when they lack capacity: clinical guidance based on a review of evidence