Survivor Experience – Helping People to Understand

Written by Tara Jane Lothian

As part of #braininjuryawareness month here’s an explanation of how my brain injury affects me.

Some days I feel like I can climb a mountain and run down the other side?
Some days I feel sad and like throwing myself off the mountain?
Some days I’m frightened of the mountain
Some days I want to sit all day and cry at the bottom of the mountain?
Some days I can sit back and enjoy every single thing about the mountain (the best days)?
There’s also some days where I have more than one of the above days during the same 24hrs ?
What makes me have these days… the part of my brain that deals with emotions, feelings and understanding has been removed, this means the rest of my brain has to work harder to help with this but as it’s not the “normal route” for this I can get BRAIN TIRED very easily, especially if I’m either
Tired, not slept well
In pain, unwell or
Or if I’ve had to use my brain a lot (think outside the box, work out problems etc)

Its a lot to take in I know, its taken me 6 months of some awful and scary times to work all this out for myself ? but now no matter what kind of day I’m having I can say “your still Tara and this is just the type of day today is going to be” I’m still me no matter what day I’m having and this is me for life and I’m grateful I still have one ❣ as someone who has nursed patients with brain tumours/injuries trust me, my life may be difficult but I’m one of the lucky ones ?
Hopefully after reading this you may think twice when u think “she/he is different Now, they’re not the same as they was, they’ve lost it” because trust me no matter what, a person with a brain injury is the same person on the inside that you have always known, though they may not seem the same on the outside?? oh iv just read this back and realised the mountain is my life ? feel free to ask me anything and to share this xx

I wrote this a year ago to try and explain to my family how things are for me. I have an ABI. I had a craniotomy with complete resection of my right temporal lobe in Aug 2017

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