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Let’s Change the Perception of Brain Injury!

We have been working as part of our incredible community for 12 years – the last 3 as a registered Community Interest Company in the UK, and now – we have raised our game!

We are now a 501 (c) 3 non-profit – GBIA INC

Why did we need to raise our game?

Our intentions have always been unlimited. If something needs to change, we will tackle it or support other people to be the difference they want to be.

We have lived many of the experiences you have and still are.

We know how to improve and straighten your path – incorporating GBIA INC facilitates the ‘how’ we do that.

We understand how monumental it can be to raise the money our community needs when we continue to be blighted by the silence around brain injury.

We need to make a lot of noise about that!

Everything we have achieved to date has been because of you – the people living the experience of life with a broken brain. Every individual who shares our posts, joins our cause, and talks about our mission is an essential part of our work – this is a ‘together’ movement for change.

GBIA is a people-first organisation; you are an essential part of that. We stand with and on the shoulders of everyone in our mighty community; those living it first-hand, those whose lives have been changed because this happened to someone they love, and the dedicated experts and professionals who hold our hands and kick up the same dust on this road to recognition and changed perceptions.

Register here on the site – made by us all for us all. Like and follow us on Facebook – we have a new community page!

GBIA Inc on Facebook

poster with GBIA logo and message about cuttingthe number of incidences of TBI


Please, come join us! 

Get involved as we work together to educate and prevent further injuries. 

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