BEST Connections

Making Cognitive Connections

Our partners, BEST Connections, offer an on-line Introduction to Cognitive Rehabilitation for Survivors & Caregivers.

Making Cognitive Connections takes you to a ‘taste’ of what this training offers.

The course is an affordable way, usually $20, to join an online training class. 

To see the entire course you will need to make the purchase.  To get a 25% discount please use the code GBIA-2021

“Our goal at BEST is to provide you with tools, trainings, and resources to help you identify and reduce cognitive deficits, set realistic goals, recognize and use strategies to improve practical life skills, increase your independence and improve the overall quality of your life.”

BEST Suite

We recommend taking the on-line, ‘Making Cognitive Connections’ classes above to increase and support your understanding of your brain injury. 

The BEST Suite will help you have many insightful moments about the struggles you come up against, why achieving anything is so tough, and it will help you learn in your own way about your unique brain injury and resulting changes and needs. 

Supported by webinars that teach you how to use and get the most out of the tools, BEST Suite is like no other app! 

BEST Suite, doesn’t do the work for you, it teaches you how to re-understand yourself and get control back over your life while re-training your brain.