Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? Steps to Positive Health

Each of us have individual challenges, and one of these is knowing what is blocking us from understanding, and doing, whatever we need to get better.

If your brain can’t master thinking and connecting thoughts, then this will impact you and your daily activities.

In other words, the functional problems your brain is struggling with, can become a barrier to doing the things you want. 

Everything you try to do is harder after the brain is injured, and often, we don’t know why we have small successes – which makes it difficult to replicate or repeat them. 

One moment you can have a glimpse of a new insight, and the next it can switch off like a light or start flickering like a candle flame. You can no more get back to the moment or thought that made you feel you were on the cusp of making a breakthrough, than you can fly to the moon.

There is no choice but to let it go and to hope that the impetus that drove the near lightbulb moment will happen again. The thinking behind it is still in there somewhere. 

The more you focus on building a routine and creating new habits, the more thinking space you will have in your brain. Routine also helps to build buffers so when you do get a new idea, you have other existing information to add it too. This way the new idea doesn’t float off and get lost.

Making changes

Making changes is hard for anyone but when you have a brain injury, you have a limited number of cognitive tools to work with.

It takes time and persistence to get intellectual awareness past the knowledge barrier, and into knowing or understanding.

We need to know why we are making changes, not just that someone tells us making changes will be good for us. In other words, to be successful we have to get out of the passenger seat and start driving again. 

Doing this can be cognitively strenuous so, to be successful in anything, we need the whole of us to drive that desire to achieve or change. With a brain injury you may need to use external tools such as lists and reminders to keep you focused. 

However, thanks to the BEST Suite of apps, you can organise the thoughts and information you need to keep you on track electronically on your phone. The apps don’t do the work for you – they encourage you to think about what you want, and you have to do the work to set the app up to support you in the best way that you want.