Are you on Social Media?

Social media is a great way for us to stay in touch, reach more people and to share our experiences.

We know there are thousands of you who love to do your bit to increase awareness about brain injury, and help others in the process.

We also know that ‘doing our bit’ can be tough sometimes, especially when people scroll past your post without sharing. We have to dig in deep, trust the process and keep posting!

The more we post, it seems the more social media helps us reach other people. We have to keep going and believe how effective we are, and how much are efforts are increasing understanding.

There are many great examples of how successful we can be. One of these was a campaign we ran, starting around 2011 and continuing to this day. We listened to how many people felt misunderstood or rejected by their family following a brain injury and created blogs, articles and media posters about this.

Back at the beginning there were very few families and friends who joined online support groups – today they easily equal the number of people living with brain injury. 

This success was down to the many – not the few creating posts – but all of those sharing them! Nothing works better than when we share our passion for change and intention to educate in positive ways. 

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