Consider Your Finances

Consider Your Finances


One thing to give consideration to, before you make any changes, is to make sure you fully understand the available finances you have to invest in your wellness and health. You need to understand what budget you have.

A lot of people who are living with the outcomes of brain injury can struggle with understanding even simple math, let alone their household finances and budget. This road to recovery may need some shifting in your priorities and the avoidance of debt is crucial – to us all!

Other people struggle with managing their spending because of impulsiveness that wasn’t existent before, and also poor memory that can lead to people not remembering what they have spent.

It is really important that you address any such issues before going any further. You may need to make new priorities; listing these down and keeping that list in a prominent place can help. This can be difficult to do if you have problems with ‘new learning’ or processing information.

You may need help. If you do, this must be considered carefully. Brain injury can and does cause vulnerability in people that wasn’t there before. It can lead us to trust people that we wouldn’t ordinarily or constructively rely on.


Apps that help


If you are able to use apps there are a number of choices that you can use to help:

  •  Just money personal budget: an app that helps monitor your budget
  • YNAB: helps you budget and save.  Users divide money into separate pots such as rent or groceries when they get paid, every pound is accounted for.  If you over or underspend in an area you can move money to another pot. Its focus is on planning ahead with budgeting, setting limits and saving.  It costs £35 a year.
  • Wally: budgeting app where you track what comes in, what you have saved and what you have budgeted.  It has a smartphone location service to track where you are spending money.  It can also photograph your receipts to update your spending.  Notifications will remind you of upcoming payments and when you have reached a savings goal.
  • Good budget: another envelope budgeting app where you divide your money into different pots.  Envelopes and balances can be synced between different devices and other people – can be used to work out a household budget with a spouse or partner.