Our Partners – BEST Connections and the ‘BEST Suite’

The founder of BEST, Michelle Ranae Wild, has over 30 years of experience teaching people living with brain injury. 

The reason we have partnered with them is not only because of a shared ethos, a passion for bringing change, but also because they offer a ‘best in class’ range of solutions.

On top of this, what we really like, is that their team not only includes a great bunch of volunteers with lived experience but also brings them opportunities to develop their skills readying them for a return to work or education.

Resolving the lack of support many people face following a brain injury or rehabilitation isn’t an easy thing to do. However, BEST has a range of on-line training and tools which support people to rewire their brains, understand their cognitive and executive deficits, and enable self-regulated learning.

The BEST Suite is an app like no other. This app isn’t an intuitive tool that does the work for you. Instead, the design specifically aims to help users increase their awareness of what they struggle with and why. 

The app perfectly suits the needs of people who are starting to push a little further forward with their lives and would like to move beyond compensatory tools. 

Most people will be familiar with having so many coping strategies that you end up with an array of tools, for example:

  • calendar/diary upstairs by the bed
  • calendar in the kitchen
  • wall planner in your office space
  • desk planner
  • digital calendar on your phone
  • digital diary with reminders
  • alarms and reminders on your phone
  • white boards
  • numerous notebooks
  • post-it notes plastered all over the house and in the car

Managing duplicate devices and methods to try and remember everyday things can be a nightmare, and while some kind of organisation is better than none, what we really need to do is to train our brains to go beyond this and learn new habits which will become automatic responses to our needs.

What we need is to become the captain of our ship again!

The BEST Suite will help you develop insight into where your gaps in understanding, mental flexibility, and self-feedback are. In turn, this increased awareness will help you to self-regulate again, meaning you will begin to master your deficits rather than being subjected to them.

The more you help your brain – the more it will release its’ hold over you. 

You may have noticed that you often feel like a back-seat passenger and that your brain is doing all the driving. Feeling that you aren’t in charge and making conscious choices for yourself can me immeasurably frustrating. Instead of being aware of and in conscious control of the thinking voice in your brain, it feels more as though everything happens ‘to you’ and you have to deal with the aftermath.

There are many complex reasons for this, but the most fundamental one is that your brain knows it is injured and your survival instincts kick in and take over. 

The BEST Suite will help you turn that around so that you regain the familiar inner narrator or sense of ‘mind.’ and start to take back control.

  • Pace My Day
  • Reach My Goals
  • Strategize My Life
  • Complete My To Dos
  • Getting the BEST Suite

PaceMyDay is designed to help you think about and understand where your energy goes. It encourages you to notice which activities drain you the most, and which parts of the day you have the most energy. 

When you use the app, you begin to notice that your brain responds and you feel highly motivated to continue using it in your everyday life because your awareness increases. 

ReachMyGoals is designed to help you break things down and to understand what you want to achieve and why consciously. It encourages you to notice where you get stuck in initiating tasks and also to envision the outcomes you want to accomplish.

Again, your brain will recognise that you are shifting your energy from being its’ casualty to being the controller and will respond by rewiring to your lead!

StategizeMyLife helps you get away from having multiple manual and digital compensatory systems which often still leave you feeling as though you are all over the place.

Although we get used to managing our lives chaotically, by using the BEST Suite, you will realise what a burden it has been to try and set different reminders all over the place because of the fear of forgetting and getting things wrong,

Because you have to think about how you want to set the BEST Suite up, you are automatically using cognitive and thinking skills that you didn’t know you still have!

CompleMyToDos will bring you confidence in the way you manage the setting and completion of tasks. We can often feel confused about how to do things, how to use our time efficiently, and becoming distracted mid-task leaving a trail of half-finished jobs behind us.

It can be challenging trying to remember what we need to do and, if we have a deadline, working out what time we need to be able to achieve something by that time. 

The app doesn’t do all of this ‘for you,’ it teaches you how to think ahead and to learn from taking back control!



What else do you get for your $14.99?

  • Free courses to get you started
  • Free Webinars and coaching to get you to the next level
  • ‘CueMyList’ App