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For the millions of people around the world affected by different types of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), either directly, as a ‘survivor,’ or indirectly, as a family member, friend or carer, there are often gaps in health service provision or information. Because of this, people are left to grapple with situations that they really shouldn’t have to. GBIA CIC is dedicated to improve the brain injury care path for all.

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Bridging the Gaps

For those living with the outcomes of trauma to the brain, the path towards recovery is bewildering and often daunting. It is especially so for those who are without the help of specialist services. For many people, there is frequently no path ahead; there is no structure. People are left battling from one moment to the next, including many of those who have been discharged from rehabilitation who often find that the support stops when therapy stops.

Everyone who is struggling or in pain deserves to have hope. 

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The Latest Articles

We collaborate with neurological professionals and brain injury organisations across the world raising awareness to bridge the health care gaps and eliminate many common pitfalls. See some of our latest useful articles below.

Difficulties with Limited Perspective

Difficulties with Limited Perspective

Brain injury can leave us not knowing what we don’t know. When family and friends point this out we may not understand why. Limited perspective can diminish how much we can see and understand.

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Disinhibition Following an Injury to the Brain

Disinhibition Following an Injury to the Brain

Disinhibition is the medical term for the lack of impulse control for social behaviour. We learn what is acceptable to others during our toddler years. Think in terms of the…

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How often do you struggle with making your own ideas and thoughts clear to yourself and others? Without realising it, people living with the effects and outcomes can struggle to…

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Mental Capacity to Make Informed Decisions Following Brain Injury

Mental Capacity to Make Informed Decisions Following Brain Injury

Author: Anne Ricketts When the roots of any living thing are shattered, the life and energy of the organism come crashing down. However, what we must remember is that “energy…

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